So today, I was in a pretty sucky mood. I ate an entire Easter egg and spiralled into a pit of self-hatred. When even is Easter by the way?!

So instead of eating the mini eggs that came inside the egg, I decided to make a list of things about my week that weren’t the worst to try and lift my mood.

Here goes.

I booked my flight to Canada. In just over a month I will no longer be living in the land of eternal grey clouds and rain!

I faced my fear of the dentist and found out I have zero cavities.

I went to a trampoline park and jumped around like an actual child. Turns out. Trampolining is not my sport. Unless you think uncontrollably flailing around and repeatedly needing to be rescued from foam pits counts as a skill.

I went out to lunch and got fed for free. Granted it was because the waiter forgot to put our order through and we had to wait for over an hour for a sandwich. But still. Free food.

I found out how much my mother pays for car insurance. And guess who has the cheapest auto insurance? I do. Finally. A decade of not hitting anything with my car has paid off. I’m on a lower rate than my parents. To be fair though, I have cheap no deposit car insurance while they have full coverage insurance.

I went wine tasting and learned absolutely nothing about wine, but I did eat some really nice Bruschetta.

I used one of those black peel off face masks that everyone is filming themselves using and didn’t rip off half of my own face. I did accidentally remove half of my eyebrow, though. You have to take the rough with the smooth I guess.

I feel like this list is clutching at straws, to be honest. But, I guess it wasn’t all the worst.

If you like good food, you know it can be expensive. So saving money is important. One awesome way I saved money today was by switching my car insurance companies. I probably just saved $300+ dollars this year on car insurance in about 20 minutes.

Today, I decided to change my car insurance when I found an awesome website to compare quotes:

I just entered my area zip code and in a few simple steps I got a ton of quotes from car insurance companies near me.

Here’s what I found interesting, even if a friend of mine and I had bought identical brand new cars on the same day after paying exactly the same price, how much we pay for insurance could vary as much as 50%+.

I talked to my agent and here’s what he said:

  1. Type of policy – There are many different types of policies and the policies taken by the two of us may be vastly different from each other.
  2. State where we live – Different states have different rules pertaining to car insurance because of which, there may be a huge difference in insurance premium.
  3. Driving records – Due to a variation in the driving records, there may be a component of ‘No Claim Bonus’ or incentive in one case.
  4. Coverage – The coverage which one of us might have opted for may be significantly different from the other.
  5. Security devices – Having security devices in the car helps in lowering the premium payable for insurance.
  6. Attending defensive driving courses – If one of us had attended the prescribed defensive driving courses, we may have to had pay a smaller premium.
  7. Age and sex of the driver – Age and sex of the driver may also have a bearing on the premium amount as some companies offer discounts to female drivers.

My friend bought the cheapest car insurance she could get, I decided to go with full coverage car insurance. Which is not cheap at all!